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Refreshingly Good – Now With More Bubbles!

By illlogicmedia, member

Nov 14, 2013: Reading K2 is, very much for me, like watching a Faulty Towers/James Bond (Sean Connery era of course!) smash up. I, at first expected it to be somewhat stagnant and hard to follow. Much to my surprise, quite the opposite was true. I flew through the first four chapters and with each page I read, I found myself smiling and wanting to read more. Which, I will. The characters are very light and fun for the most part. Easy to relate to and they share in that British dry sense of humor I’ve grown acustomed to loving from childhood. I’m not one to give away spoilers during a review, and I promise not to do it this time either, but . . . there is one sceen that had me scratch my head pretty hard (towards the beginning). I am still confused that the author went "there". Yet he did and now I have to wait further into to the book to figure out why. VERY WELL PLAYED SIR! I recommend this as a very well done out spy novel with some "prommised" horror as well as other twists and turns. The tone and cadence is quick and witty with a fine balance of twists and brain teasers. I thuroughly look forward to finishing this set of books over time. Very entertaining.

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