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K2 by Geoff Wolak

The elderly owner of a Swiss bank has been murdered, the bank’s ownership diverted towards a retired British Intelligence officer. The bank comes complete with its own commercial espionage unit, now in the middle of a small war. No one is who they seem, and they all have an agenda. “Groups within groups, secrets inside secrets, lies on top of . . .

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Cold Hillside by Martin Cooper

SIMON COLTRAINE is a professional songwriter and musician. His brother GILES, trader, rogue and amiable bully, is a crook. When Giles is killed in a car accident Simon returns to their childhood home to confront his memories and his own complicity in his brother’s schemes. . . .

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The brother left behind

By Linda Schoales, editor

Feb 10, 2010: “Cold Hillside” is the story of Simon, a man dealing with the recent death of his brother Giles in a car accident. Simon goes to Giles’ house, once their childhood home, to remember his brother, wrap up his affairs, and to try to make sense of his death.

The story is told in first person and starts with Giles experiencing the car accident that kills him. The narration then switches to Simon being interviewed by a detective while reminiscing about this [more . . .]

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Refreshingly Good – Now With More Bubbles!

By illlogicmedia, member

Nov 14, 2013: Reading K2 is, very much for me, like watching a Faulty Towers/James Bond (Sean Connery era of course!) smash up. I, at first expected it to be somewhat stagnant and hard to follow. Much to my surprise, quite the opposite was true. I flew through the first four chapters and with each page I read, I found myself smiling and wanting to read more. Which, I will. The characters are very light and fun for the most part. Easy to relate to and they share in that British dry sense [more . . .]

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