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Magic From The Ground Up

By hhhhhaaaa, member

Nov 10, 2018: This wonderful tale has been enjoyable to read. The numerous amount of well-built characters and their perspectives, the setting and seeing magic growing from the ground up, and the writing itself all add into the mixing pot of awesome that is The Last Science. Seeing the politics of a secret society, built upon the founding of magic, is a sight to see, as persons do what they think is best for themselves and this society.

I believe the origination of magic within The Last Science is a fresh and unique idea, and I fully endorse it. I would go further into it, but I personally believe it is something better experienced first hand.

The characters themselves are plentiful, and each have been complexly written, seeing Rachel’s transformation into a leader, seeing Alden discovering this town and it’s inhabitants develop an entire community without those not "Awakened" knowing. I myself quite enjoy seeing each person’s perspective on the goings on about the story.

Rallsburg and the setting in which this fiction takes place is another great facet. The business within with their own sense of busy-ness, the forest that lingers nearby, enticing the Awakened to practice there, and the streets themselves, which act as a nice background to the stories that are told between the residents, are all major players that work incredibly well together.

Etzoli’s writing itself is bountiful and keeps one wanting to to continue on, which is wonderful as there is quite a bit to read! As I previously stated, the perspective style storytelling really helps us to understand each character’s thoughts and wants, and helps propel the story forward exactly where the author wishes it to go.

To summarize, I believe the Last Science is quite an amazing fiction, and I believe that, if you find the time, you should read every wonderful word.

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No title

By Elephant, member

Sep 29, 2018: The Last Science is a bit of a genre-mixer that defies ready classification. Despite the fantasy tag and the magical elements, the story immediately shrugs off the expectations of a stereotypical "teenager gains magical powers" story. Instead, The Last Science is a rich drama/mystery story which uses magic as the foundation for a compelling plot and characters and provides far more than simply a story "about" magic.

In fact, to some extent the magical elements of the story contrast starkly with the grittiness of the plot and the normalcy and relatability of the characters. The focus of the story is not on exploring the magic itself but rather the implications of such power when injected into a quiet college town and the lives of its inhabitants. In this sense the story reflects many of the themes typically found in technology-based or science fiction stories (justifying the sci-fi tag), which is reinforced by the way the story’s magic is shown to have its own consistent mechanisms and limitations which the characters are continually attempting to explore and understand.

When I say the characters are "normal" I mean that they are not superheroes or stereotypes, but real people with their own hopes, concerns, and intermixing relationships and all of the complications that ensue. It is not to mean that they are mundane or boring. Quite the opposite, each character in The Last Science seems to carry their fair share of mystery and intrigue which leaves no doubt that each one has a story of their own to be revealed in time. The Last Science manages an excellent balance of weaving rich layers of mystery and intrigue through each character and location the reader encounters, while also revealing enough information as the story progresses to let you know that it isn’t just a tease. The plot incorporates and expands on each mystery it establishes and makes clear that there’s real substance to everything it hints at.

I hadn’t originally meant for this review to be quite so glowing and I would include criticism if I had any at the moment, but the truth is that I’m hooked and frankly I have a hard time thinking of reasons why others wouldn’t be as well. I strongly encourage anyone interested to give it a try.

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Not worth it

By Bobthebuilder, member

Jul 17, 2018: Aparently im a glutton for punishment, as I read about 80 chapters of this. The premise is incredibley interesting. Super powerful alien decides to conquer world to save it from humans. Begins by growing up as a human himself, and learns to deal with human emotions. Also the entire world/universe domination thing. The mechanics and scope of the abilities, creatures, and technologies the writer comes up with are pretty cool too. Some are genuinely entertaining.

The issue comes forom the sheer level.of OP Bath is from the start. There is no real conflict or challenge as Bath overcomes everything without even having to exert himself. He fights off alien armies, human armies, and remakes the world however he wants wothout any trouble. I dont even oncider this a spoiler, as there is no tension – he takes over the world with a couple weeks of work. The enemies and competitors that were even marginally fleshed out all lose almost immediately. Even the emotional problems expected from a 500 million yo alien growing up human dont cause any real trouble or internal conflict. His sole moments of weirdness are sexual attraction to a prepubescent Lisa, though to the author’s credit its done in a not creepy way, and feelings of missing his family when hes away. Also some pride and stuff thrown in. Unfortunately none of these things lead to more than a thoight for.half a second befpre the story moves on.

Most damingly as far as lack of conflict is the benign acceptance of mind control by all of the human characters. Lisa who was raised human, and mostly has the normal.morals.of one dpes not swem to have any problem with basically mind controlling the population of the city, and evemtually the planet. There is nothing more than momentary regret on all pf the characters part of massacring the mikitary of what was their home till just days earlier. Lisa who knows there has been major population control through mind control going on sees no problem with it, and they argue that as hunger and illness have been splved nothing else matters. Again anyone can disagree on what the best putcpme is, but another potential source of major conflict/char cter developement was w sted.

Overal im 80 chapters in, havent done more than skim the last 10 hoping for anything to get better but it hasn’t. Maybe the author improved the stpry even further in, but without a major rewrite its not worth the effort.

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