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I Woke Up in Pittsburgh by BA Boucher

My name is Sam. I have no memory. I woke up in Pittsburgh.

Daily blog from an amnesiac bartender in Pittsburgh. Listings about his customer, his views on life, and strange dreams that hint at a previous life. Arched story with an endgame. . . .

A blogfic, with no recent updates.
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Treasured Vulva by R.E. Greene

Treasured Vulva tells the story of an unnamed man who lives with a woman. He keeps a secret online journal where he writes weekly about his life including his dreams, abuses, and habits. Dark and oddly offbeat, Treasured Vulva is teeming with themes and stirs questions about the nature of devotion, pain, love, and reality. . . .

An abandoned blogfic.
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Confusing, but compelling.

By capriox, member

Nov 27, 2009: This is not your ordinary flash fic/blog tale. Set in the real world, a man is left beaten and unconscious in an alley behind a bar in 2007 without a wallet or any ID. Two years later and he still has no memory of himself or his life before that night. He isn’t even sure Sam is his real name.

Sam’s spent the last two years living above the less than glamroous hole-in-the-wall bar where he was found and working there [more . . .]

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