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Thomas Bleakly: PI by Robert Gryfft


Thomas Bleakly, Private Investigator is batflip insane. Sometimes it works for him, sometimes . . . not so much. One day a beautiful woman hires him to find her father. The catch? She’s a robot.

Told from three perspectives, none of them necessarily trustworthy. Watch out for for nonsensical subplots, insane characters, and conspiracies that span whole realities.

Note: Thomas Bleakly: PI is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic violence.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: Sep 8, 2008


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A crazy ride

By Sarah Suleski, author of Sidonie

Sep 8, 2008: Note: Unfortunately this hasn’t been updated since 2009. Original review below.

Thomas Bleakly, PI is a crazed, full stop no brakes noir-with-robots adventures that is somewhat reminiscent of Blade Runner, only a lot funnier, a lot more manic, and not a movie. And after reading 14 parts (2 chapters) I’m hooked on it.

To start out, it seems like a complete farce, a parody of cyberpunk and noir, perhaps. The jokes fly [more . . .]

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An absurdist postmodern sci-fi noir? I’m THERE.

By aricollins, member

Sep 8, 2008: Bleakly is a fun romp through a sci-fi noir detective gone wrong. But how can it be wrong when it feels so right?

Getting the bad out of the way, it does take a little to hit its stride, but really not too long at all. It starts as an over-the-top sci-fi detective story, but soon the author starts masterfully weaving in conflicting narratives that disagree not only on exactly what happens but even the setting at times. All three (so [more . . .]

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Wobot takes the Wap

By Linton Robinson, member

Nov 11, 2009: What fun!

I came to this hoping to find a mainstream (i.e. adult) story among all the high school monsters and zombies, but the hard-boiled ‘tec bit quickly slipped into SF, at least to the extent of a robot client.

But it’s not really SF, it’s humor. A close cousin would be Roger Rabbit, with the detective involved in something not at all real, but a huge lot of fun.

[more . . .]

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