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An absurdist postmodern sci-fi noir? I’m THERE.

By aricollins, member

Sep 8, 2008: Bleakly is a fun romp through a sci-fi noir detective gone wrong. But how can it be wrong when it feels so right?

Getting the bad out of the way, it does take a little to hit its stride, but really not too long at all. It starts as an over-the-top sci-fi detective story, but soon the author starts masterfully weaving in conflicting narratives that disagree not only on exactly what happens but even the setting at times. All three (so far) viewpoints are believable and compelling (and in Bleakly’s case hilarious), with the writing perfectly suiting each character in turn.

Read this if you like experimental fiction that doesn’t undercut the main point, which is to deliver an entertaining and engrossing read. Read this if you like science fiction, detectives, bizarre humor, and/or all three. And definitely read this for the absurd Time Travel Dating monologue Bleakly delivers at one point. Worth the price of admission by itself, especially when that price is only your time. Above all: read this.

(Disclaimer: I am a friend of the author. But I still tell him when he sucks. And he doesn’t here. So, again: read the fricking thing.)

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