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Also Known As…Quite Promising

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Mar 16, 2019: It seems the age of web fiction is a sea of superhero stories these days. It becomes more and more difficult to separate various stories in settings that seem to melt in one another.

On today’s agenda we have the aptly named aka, a pretty clever title if I may say so.

The story of this ongoing tale revolves around one Nathaniel Thomas Peterson, who lives in a world where metahumans, or metas, are a known and accepted fact of life.

This particular setting though, goes all in when it comes to government involvement with supers, sort of echoing what might have happened if Iron Man had won Civil War. Laws on metahuman activity are strictly monitored and punishments for using ones powers unsanctioned are quite severe.

Nathan, however, has no desire to use his powers, opting instead to live a simple life as a janitor at the well-known Daedalus Technologies.

Like many stories, the story is told in the first-person point of view. It does a good job of portraying Nathan himself, but I lament not getting to know more about other characters such as the Eagle, Anarchist, and his liaison James.

Speaking of Nathan, he’s perhaps not the most unique character, but he gives off at least a likable vibe comparable to Peter Petrelli of Heroes fame or Will Hunting. Nathan’s power, when finally shown, is at least interesting enough that the story keeps you wondering how it may develop and grow as the story goes along.

While the supporting cast isn’t anything mind-blowing, there are some highlights in some later villains and in the interesting relationship between Nathaniel and his liaison James.

Beyond the idea of metahuman parole officers being pretty interesting, I think something that sets this story apart is that it focuses on Nathan’s unwillingness to confront the idea of being a hero, as he’d much rather live a simple, mundane life than face the stresses that heroes have to handle in this day and age.

As mentioned before, the first villains shown so far, the aptly named Gold Diggers, show a lot of potential in particular from what we see of them in the most recent chapter.

My only really complaint with the story might be its shaky beginning, which can come off as little bland and has some minor spelling and grammar mistakes. The narrative and voice definitely gets a lot stronger as the chapters go on though, and based on recent developments, seems to be going in a very promising direction. I feel the setting itself isn’t necessarily bad per say, just needing maybe an extra bit of flair to separate it from so many other superhero settings. Not so much the author’s fault though, it is hard to stand out with so many superhero stories these days.

All in all, I think the best way to describe this story is vanilla: it’s not bad really, but it’s a flavor we’ve tasted time and time again. A pleasant one, but lacking some uniqueness.

That being said, I think the mundane angle works really well when it’s used, and the story can only grow from here.

Final score: 3.5/5

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Its a good one

By Bobthebuilder, member

Mar 13, 2019: This series is very new, nust a couple months old, but is already 17 very long, fairly well written chapters in – so #1 plus point for me is consistent and content level of updates.

On to the story: the premise is very unique, especially for a litrpgish story. Its set in the real world, the universe is exactly that – the entire universe, and it promises to explore that angle. While there are a lot of world building questions its obvious that they will be answered, and the answers so far have lived up to the mystery.

As far as the little goes The status screens and leveling system make sense in world, done logically without taking over the story. While there are many questions on what the beck is going on there there is definitely again a promise that answers will come.

The characters are also fairly well developed as believable individuals with real issues and class, and not cliches/stereotypes, that many of these type of stories fall into. That said, there is definitely work to be done here as the protagonost is very ‘heroic’ a word he uses himself for himself. His power growth is also very rapid, as usual for this type of novel – but it does take away some from the realism of the story. Also there is a little bit of an anime harem theme that is frankly a disservice to otherwise good female characters with depth.

Aa the chapters progress it seems like character depth is growing, making me care more about the cast as a whole, and the scope of the plot with it.

Overall, having read most of the top 20 series on this site id say the quality of the writing on this puts it in the top 5 easily, so if you like litrpg this is definitely for u. If you don’t hate likely, you should definitrly check this out. And even if you hate litrpg, I’d still give it a chance. Basically of weird fantasy/sci-fi/action is in your wheelhouse read this!

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By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Mar 13, 2019: Very mixed feelings on this "Your Typical Isekai LitRPG" story. For one, on its face in the "marketing"— e.g. the chapter titles, the author notes, the cover— everything about the series suggests that it’s going to be a wacky comedy, an absolute send-up of one of the most derided genres in web fiction today, the Isekai LitRPG.. The story is very generic in setup— a Japanese class is summoned to a fantasy world where there are RPG stats, and are quested to save it and such, and there’s quite a few wacky fourth wall breaking events. But for some reason, the story itself is largely pretty self-serious.

It’s weird and surprising how unfunny the story is. Not as in the jokes are bad— they’re decent when they’re there . . . It’s just that, most of the time, they’re not there! The characters endlessly debate and argue and yell at each other, and the worldbuilding appears to be pretty seriously done. For how joking it appears at first, the story does not actually deliver much on laughs.

And because of that, the story never actually took off for me and I quickly lost interest by the lack of parody and humor that was heavily advertised.

The author appeared to have started an attempt to "revamp" the story by editing earlier chapters, but it appears to have been abandoned midway through the process. I don’t think it will go anywhere from there.

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