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Intriguing urban fantasy

By BGHilton, author of Do It Yourself

Aug 13, 2017: Silversmith is an urban fantasy. June, a young magician who specialises in warding spells shares an office with detective Kath, and unwittingly gets caught up in a mysterious death. At present, it’s only one short arc in, but I’m enjoying the characters and I’m very interested in knowing what’s going to happen next.

The opening chapters are a little rocky, but that seems to be true of about 90% of web novels so I don’t think that’s much of a complaint. Once the story gets going, the pacing improves and there are some genuinely exciting scenes.

But even in those early chapters, I enjoy the relationship between the two main characters. Thinking about the characters now, it occurs to me that almost all of the named players in the story are female, which I didn’t even notice while reading.

I enjoyed the way the world building is done gradually, rather than just ladled out in big infodumps. The mysteries are connected to the way that magic works in this world, allowing the author to build the magic system indirectly.

Since we aren’t very far into Silversmith yet, it’s difficult to say more about it, but I definitely recommend checking out the story so far.

Disclaimer: Silversmith is set in Brisbane, Australia. I live in Sydney, Australia. You might think that biases me in favour of this story, but any Australian will tell you that the opposite is the case. If I am willing to admit to liking a story set in Brisbane, it must be a pretty good story.

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Interesting Characters… Erractic Story Pacing

By Scott Scherr, author of Don't Feed The Dark

Aug 13, 2017: Note: I’ve read all nineteen chapters currently available and still feel like this story is in the early stages of development. Keeping that in mind, I’ll focus on the build up.

The Revelation starts with its first character, Fiona Carter, having one helluva apocalyptic-type nightmare that clearly foreshadows some major events to come, which future chapters also elude to. Afterwards, we discover that these nightmares are reoccurring and that Fiona is a bit more than just your average everyday girl. In fact, many of the characters that follow are not your typical characters (I’m trying not to spoil anything). After a chapter with her ‘on the job’ she ends up receiving a strange package which ends up resulting with her undergoing hypnosis . . . and that’s when things get really strange. From there, the story jumps around, introducing other characters in different locations and it gets a little confusing keeping up with all these character switches all at once, until they all end up in the same place.

I was initially confused about said characters, since the writer doesn’t make their uniqueness obvious, but after finding the ‘character’ description notes at the top of the webpage, I was caught up to speed. Which makes me have to point out that without the character description page, I would have had trouble understanding ‘hybrids’, since very little is discussed about them so far. But what I did enjoy was how normal the writer treated these ‘hybrids’ as just part of everyday life in the world that he’s created, giving them personalities first, rather than putting emphasis on their differences, which might have made them feel less believable.

As for the rest, as much as I enjoy a good multi-character story, I did find the plot a bit jarring at times, with the abundance of character jumps, but the characters themselves were very interesting, bringing their own set of strengths and flaws to the table, that I believe the writer brings out very well in various situations. I especially enjoyed the character of Roderigo Somers, who suffers from a form of schizophrenia that has him often questioning his reality around him.

As mentioned, this story feels like its just getting started but I liked the build up in general and it looks like things are about to get dark. I would have just liked a little less character switches so early, and time to get to know each character a bit more before switches without the writer having to slow down the pace of the tale each time another character was introduced. I found that this distracted more from the plot rather than adding to it.

That being said, I think this story has the potential to be very interesting now that all the characters have been introduced and placed and I’m curious to see what develops.

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A Compelling Twist on the Usual Super Hero Trope

By Kridina, member

Aug 12, 2017: I am really enjoying the concept of this novel. It takes the usual super hero trope and gives it a fresh spin. Very nice!

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