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The White Silk Chronicles by Rob Blair

Liddy’s not a normal girl: She’s a Wilder. Living on the far fringes of the Velran Empire, deep in the Wildes, Liddy learned to hunt, to hide, and to run. Now, thanks to old traditions, Liddy must make the long journey to the capital to offer tributes on behalf of her family. The journey must be made alone, and every . . .

A serialized novel, with no recent updates.
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Wish there was more

By Emma, author of Undestined

Feb 4, 2014: ** Before I begin the review, I think it’s worth noting that while it listed on WFG as updating weekly, this story has been on hiatus since the end of December and, according to the author, will remain on hiatus until its Facebook page gets 500 likes. **

White Silk is the story of a journey, and the making of a hero. The main character, Liddy, must make a ritual journey to pay a tribute and enter her family’s name in [more . . .]

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