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Wish there was more

By Emma, author of Undestined

Feb 4, 2014: ** Before I begin the review, I think it’s worth noting that while it listed on WFG as updating weekly, this story has been on hiatus since the end of December and, according to the author, will remain on hiatus until its Facebook page gets 500 likes. **

White Silk is the story of a journey, and the making of a hero. The main character, Liddy, must make a ritual journey to pay a tribute and enter her family’s name in what appears to be a census. Liddy lives in the Wildes, at the outskirt of civilization, and so has an impressive set of survival skills.

The story is written in first person from Liddy’s perspective, and in her own vernacular. This is probably it’s biggest weakness. It is clear the author is more used to writing in standard English, and sometimes slips in and out of Liddy’s style of speaking. It is also sometimes difficult to tell what errors are deliberate, and which are truly typos or mistakes. As the story progresses, however, the author seems to become more comfortable with Liddy’s speech pattern.

At first, I thought this was just a typical quest story and, to be honest, was starting to get bored with the story. For much of the first part, Liddy is travelling alone, and the lack of dialogue begins to get a bit tiresome. Then I came to the first "Excerpt".

I will try my best not to spoil anything, and just say that the "Experts", written by different characters and in different styles (a soldier’s letters home, a paragraph from a history book), are set well after the events of the story, and appear to be about Liddy. Not being written in Liddy’s vernacular, they allow the author’s true writing ability to shine. As soon as I came across the first one, I was instantly intrigued. There seems to be much more to this story than what appears at first.

I would love to read more of Liddy’s story, and hope the author will write more, regardless of how many "Likes" his Facebook page receives.

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