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Odd & Ends by Jordan_Severns

Short stories about a humble shop in a floating city 

Odd & Ends is a series of tales set in the unusual city of Skymoore, floating above the world of Solkin. It follows the lives of Donovan Allman, Nestor Pinkly, and Karessa Plunderton as they struggle to keep their humble magic shop alive while battling the literal and figurative demons of their present and their past.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Oct 22, 2016


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For Those Who Like Whimsy

By LadyAnder, author of Edict

Oct 23, 2016: I’ve never been so quick to write a review until now.

Odd& Ends is one of those stories I describe as a happy discovery. The writing reminds me a bit of Terry Pratchett for a comparison . Basically, for those who like the fantastic mixed with humor, this is the story for you.

It’s about a magic shop keeper and his assistants who run a little shop in a city called Skymoore.It [more . . .]

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Desperate for more Skymoore

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Oct 28, 2016: I’ve been waiting eagerly for Odd & Ends to make it through the submission queue so that I could leave it a review for at least a month now, although I see that I’ve been beaten in leaving the first review! Still, this is a fantastic project and well worth anyone’s time.

It is based in the magical floating city (I mean, of course a floating city is magical, but there is more magic going on as well) of Skymoore, which [more . . .]

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Sometimes weird just to be weird, but worth reading.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Nov 4, 2016: So, I have this head canon about how Odd and Ends was created. Bear with me here!

Jody Lynn Nye, Terry Pratchet, and Robert Aspirin are at this party, see? And they get REAAAAALY high on some noxious skunk weed and a gallon jug of White Zinfandel, while shotgunning the first fifty episodes of Welcome to Nightvale. After the first live episode, Bob belches rainbows (I told you it was some good shit) and says, SHHHEIT. We should write something like [more . . .]

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