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Safe as Houses by Michael Litzky

That was some powerful magic. Sunlight. Who knew?

Imagine a world where the night outside is crawling with vampires but inside your home, life is completely normal. You cook, you wash dishes, you make love—and you ignore the white faces at the window and the teasing, wheedling voices. The story follows two women, Sally and Lavinia, as they try to make a home together in a . . .

A serialized novel, updating sporadically.
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Studies Under Pressure

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Aug 4, 2013: I’m not a big fan of vampire literature, especially some of the most recent versions, but I liked Safe As Houses, mostly because it follows some regular, everyday people, rather than undead monsters, as protagonists.

In this world, the vampire disaster seems like it’s been something along the lines of the zombie apocalypse, save for the fact that everything is (more or less) the same during the day. For the most part, we’re following two people, Sally Yan, an athletic, adventurous [more . . .]

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