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Dry roast, add water, puns.

By Fibi, member

Jul 1, 2015: The Other Kind of Roommate (TOKoR) is a dark, psychological exploration about the terrible strains of crippling caffiene addiction and unusual interior design. Writing from one of the countries in the world with highest caffeine intake per person per day, I can relate. I too turn into a violent psychopath when I can’t get access to my sweet, sweet addiction of choice and I’m used to dealing with twitching, gibbering people one bad sentence away from trying to tear my lungs out through my pelvis.

It’s practically homely.

The writing style is a rapid pitch back and forth banter between absolutely everybody and everything, and it works, because again, caffeine addiction, so if you’re interested in reading prepare yourself to laugh. And chuckle. And groan. But also prepare yourself for some interesting pacing issues brought on by the fact that everything is so relentlessly high-speed. If you blink at the wrong time while reading, you’re also going to miss what actually turns out to be interesting clues to several off-key mysteries. Which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to read something where everything isn’t explicitly spelled out. But perhaps someone less trained to deal with the waterfall verbiage of caffiene addicts is going to be a little shocked and left grasping for breath and context.

A neat trick of the writing is that what is going on might not actually be quite what’s going on, a kind of dual layer bluff that slowly unravels. Xander is a crazed psychopath, we’re told, but then again, violence well employed . . . Alex is all nice and harmless. But then again. . . . . It’s a well executed attempt at peaking curiousity and making someone want to continue reading, wondering what’s actually going on and when things clear up. As a bonus despite the relentless banter barrage and definite focus on having one part of the cast be an absolute murderous maniac, everything is actually quite pleasant. There’s even a few genuinely almost touching moments combining crippling anxiety and pizza. Wait, that came out wrong. Am I giving away plotpoints now? I should probably shut up because— then again if I keep going it’s possible you’ll learn something interesting, interesting like the fact that the world consumes 300 tons of caffiene per day and that the nordic countries drink 3x the US national average, no is that boring, why am I going on about the intricacies of coffee bean transportation when I could talk about the wonders of abstract art and the issues involved in domestic violence preventation actually wait a second I just thought of a hilarious Jackie Chan joke based on The Tuxedo, dammit, Fibi, no one thinks you’re funny and your stand up career is as dead as the next person who interupts me – insomniac writing review writing on the internet isn’t beneficial to anyone, hey that’s rude I don’t insult m— nier nier nier.

If the preceeding paragraph grave you a headache, you might want to hold off on reading TOKoR. If not, I recommend it as a distinctly alternate take on, err, everything.

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