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A fantastic adventure with animal shifters

By Samuel Chapman, author of The Glass Thief

Mar 22, 2017: If you’re looking for an adventure story with likable heroes, an evil king, magic, and animal shapeshifters, plus a broad and well-developed world, you could do a whole lot worse than The Eternity Acts. The author keeps the main story moving along at a fine clip, through many adventures as the heroes follow a rebel king in his attempt to take down the vicious system established by an evil wizard.

Jochro, the main narrator, is a slave who gets handpicked by King Acetate to help protect Anroma, a powerful young Whisperer (magic user) who offers his kingdom a chance at a better life. His journey explores the various ramifications of the universe’s main conceit: every character transforms into an animal form at night, a form that has a great deal of import to their character and behavior. In addition to exploring these issues, the story quickly reveals that some "hybrids" have the ability to transform during the day, an engaging mystery to be solved.

The world is expanded on with several short stories tangentially related to the main tale—these are optional reading, but I highly recommend them, as they make things make more sense. There are almost no noticeable grammatical or style errors in The Eternity Acts—the story is extremely easy to read.

If I have one issue, it’s that things don’t necessarily get defined as quickly as it would be convenient to know them. I carried some expectations about the setting that took a long time to be debunked—such as believing from the premise that there was no greenery left in the world, or that everyone was a slave. In addition, Acetate’s role and the nature of magic are left uncertain for a long time at the beginning. But the worldbuilding clears up ts the author finds his feet.

All in all, I’d say this is one of the most worthwhile web serials I’ve come across.

PROS: Great pacing, likeable characters, interesting world, good action CONS: Some confusing elements

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