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Sometimes weird just to be weird, but worth reading.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Nov 4, 2016: So, I have this head canon about how Odd and Ends was created. Bear with me here!

Jody Lynn Nye, Terry Pratchet, and Robert Aspirin are at this party, see? And they get REAAAAALY high on some noxious skunk weed and a gallon jug of White Zinfandel, while shotgunning the first fifty episodes of Welcome to Nightvale. After the first live episode, Bob belches rainbows (I told you it was some good shit) and says, SHHHEIT. We should write something like this, but high fantasy!

The three start riffing ideas, and Jody’s apprentice walks in. (I know she probably doesn’t have one, but I’ve met Mrs. Nye, she SHOULD have an apprentice. Apprentice in what? Trust me, you don’t want to know.) The apprentice starts writing down all the crazy ideas flowing from the three, throwing out the obviously stupid ones, modifying and adding here and there. The three eventually pass out, Pratchet first, he can’t hold his wine, then Aspirin. Finally, the mostly empty wine glass slips from Mrs. Nye’s fingers, falling harmlessly to the carpet, and the apprentice takes the full notebook, walks to the kitchen of the house where the party is, and, fresh pot of coffee burbling away, the sun beginning to slip into the windows, and their head spinning with ideas and characters and slurred stories, the apprentice begins to write.

Thus was born Odd and Ends.

The story is one of a magical world, and a mysterious stranger who has obviously seem some shit man, but has settled down, and wants to retire to a nice quiet life as a shopkeeper. Boy . . . did he pick the wrong town! Arcane and mysterious ways of doing business abound, from the ironically demonic blacksmith, to locks that require a whispered secret as a key, to random wild spots of magic. The weirdness is amusing and in character, but now and then it feels like something was made odd just to ensure the weirdness quotient of a particular page. The story is well paced, with many hints to the main characters mysterious background sprinkled quite liberally through the opening arc before the classic dramatic reveal. (Read to find out what it is!) I’m definitely reading this one regularly, its got some decent laughs and curious mysteries to keep my interest going.

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