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Hidebehind by Julia Kroll

Spooky sexy summer camp serial

Myra is a devoted girls’ camp counselor whose familiar summer routine is overturned when the camp converts from all-girls to co-ed. As the weeklong camp progresses, she begins to suspect that the carefree adventurousness of Alex, the new male counselor, is actually calculating endangerment of the kids. Yet as she increasingly fears for the kids’ safety, she also finds herself . . .

A complete novel.  Recommended by Palladian.
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Dr. Where?

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Oct 6, 2013: I liked the short opening chapter in which a woman dives off a cliff and becomes a mermaid. It was quite evocative and brought back memories of the movie Splash.

The second chapter makes a grevious error – a time traveller encounters gladiators and the Coliseum in ancient Greece instead of Rome. Ouch. One mistake doesn’t necessarily condemn a story (the Coliseum scene is only a short vignette, and after that the action switches to Central America) but it does mark [more . . .]

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Standardized YA Romance

By Robert Rodgers, author of The Last Skull

Apr 21, 2010: Readers beware; here there be spoilers.

Breathless follows the misadventures of a teenage couple as they blunder their way through a religious-flavored conspiracy dedicated to the task of either getting them to bump uglies or kill each other. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out which.

I’m not a fan of Twilight, so keep that in mind—harnessing the combined power of teenage sexuality, angst, and hints of the supernatural has [more . . .]

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