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Elemental Magic

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jan 13, 2016: I really enjoyed visiting the world the author created in Elemental Truth. We start by following Tier, a prince of his realm, who’s been summoned by an oracle who has a mission for him. Apparently, however, she has the reputation of being a person who assigns missions that people don’t live through, so the prince is understandably nervous.

The author does a great job of introducing the world she’s created, one where regular people exist alongside those they call elementals, people who can mold the forces of air, earth, fire, water, and spirit. Tier quickly gets assigned the job of finding elementals, when he previously thought they’d all been wiped out. I liked traveling along with the protagonist and seeing the kingdom and beyond, and actually discovering some elementals as the story went by.

I also thought the author did well with building the romantic aspects of the relationship between Tier and Xin, a woman he meets during his travels who agrees to accompany him for a ways. The thing I really liked seeing unravel, however, was the way Tier starts to wonder if everything that he’s always known is actually as he’s been told, and what occurs after that.

The author skillfully tells her story and brings the world she’s thought of to life. The only complaints I had was that the story isn’t yet finished being edited (as is disclaimed in the very first set of author’s notes), so you have to get used to tripping up on the occasional typo. Also, when navigating the site, although there is a helpful table of contents at the top of each page, it’s out of order, and so are some of the links from one chapter to the next, which left me sometimes frustratedly scanning the table, looking for my next chapter.

All that said, I truly got sucked into this story and would like to read more. I heartily recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story, especially those that involve magic and medieval-like societies.

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