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Familiar Tropes, Vivid Storytelling

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Apr 21, 2013: The blurb for this listing worried me with all the long names and complex politics, but the story itself was easy to get into. An orphan girl, singled out by her strange silver eyes, is hunted by a ruthless militia.

In a way, this is your standard heroic fantasy. It takes place in the usual semi-medieval semi-magical land, but one with a well thought out history and geography. We have some familiar tropes, like the downtrodden underdog, the rebellious tomboy, who turns out to be someone special with hidden powers and destiny. There are some small signs that the author is a relative amateur – the occasional typo or stiffness of phrase. But the storytelling itself – rich details, dramatic descriptions – and the intensity of the heroine’s survival instinct – successfully bring the story to life. I found this novel got more interesting the deeper I got into it.

If you enjoy heroic fantasy, it’s likely you will find this a gripping and intense tale.

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