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The Good Student by mooderino

Life is a test. 

Nic Tutt is a good student. He excels at all subjects. But his education serves only one purpose—to gain entry into the Ransom School.

Ransom is the most prestigious school in the country. Its alumni are destined to become the future leaders of Ranvar. Politicians, statesemen and, in some exceptional cases, mages. Only the brightest and the best get into Ransom.

But Nic doesn’t care about any of that. He isn’t determined to get into Ransom to further his prospects or better his career opportunities. He has another reason to want to enter Ranvar’s most famous school.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Mar 19, 2017


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Muggle Hermiono Goes to Notwarts School of Noblecraft and A-holery

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: Nic, the son of a maid in the employ of a noble household, becomes a super-student in pursuit of meeting his childhood friend, Dizzy, the daughter of that noble house, by getting into the School for Royal H*ckers (and some Mages). Things are complicated by Dizzy’s father basically being the Minister of Propaganda and Convenient Disappearances (well, he’s more on the protagonist’s side though), the discriminatory atmosphere of the school towards the four (count em, four) outside students joining, and a pretty quick escalation into magic mayhem and possible demonic [more . . .]

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Honest Recomendation!!!

By robertotest26, member

Feb 16, 2019: I don’t feel like writing to much why the story is good, give it a try the story is good enough to do the work by itself. I put it in the same level with practical guide to evil and with a good aproach to world building. I Recommended it

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