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Like A Rising Sun

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Dec 21, 2018: Fuji is an interesting, if not fully developed story about a man named Kenshi, who leads a storied life on a mystical island known as Nihon.

There’s a lot of promise to this story, and it particularly borrows from samurai fiction and other eastern works in stride. The prose is simple and to the point, which can be sometimes underwhelming especially at points where you find yourself just wanting to know about Kenshi as a character.

The story also suffers from a bit slow pacing early on. We have to wait to find out about Kenshi’s run in a prison camp, the degenerates he has to deal with there, and the existence of dangerous yokai that can kill anyone at the drop of a hat. It is only after said prison camp arc, when Kenshi meets the Shogun, that the story begins to go to interesting places.

Of all things, I often feel that the issue with Fuji is that there’s simply not enough of it. Nothing wrong with the writing and characterization per say, but I want to know more about Kenshi. His surroundings, the settings, his fellow samurai, everything that a vibrant Japanese-inspired setting like this offers.

Maybe it’s just me being impatient, but to me, this is the major thing that holds the story back from being fair to great.

I think with some more detail, perhaps editing of the earlier chapters to further solidify the world and Kenshi himself in particular.

It’s worth reading, and has great potential for sure. It just needs tweaking and editing to truly shine like the katana blades its characters wield.

Final score: 3/5.

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