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The Awesome Adventures of Max Power by Wayne Basta

Max Power, secret agent, Nobel Laureate, private eye, is a big damn hero. All the chicks dig him. But when Femfa Tall, a rising starlet with a big problem, comes to him for help, he finds himself up against his arch-nemesis the evil Doctor Guy . . . again. No worries—ninjas, time travel, rebels with their own flags, robots, evil clones, Double Entendre, . . .

A complete novel.
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Kano’s Necromantic Comedy by LWEndless

One of many undead, Kano makes her way in a futuristic world where humanity has all but died out. Armed with only her wits (and her personal force field), she fights against the destroyers of humanity, the necromancers. Plagued by visions of her past, she struggles to find purpose in a decaying world. . . .

A complete novel.
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