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The Beginners Guide to Magical Site Licensing by Thaumaturgical Support

The Beginners Guide is a serial fantasy novel set in a world where magic is real and magical spells are valuable intellectual property jealously guarded by the corporations and magi that created them. Kyle is a working corporate mage. His day job coaxing fragile magical equipment to continue operating is pure drudgery, but when he discovers a new and powerful . . .

A complete series.
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Magic as hard sci fi, I love it!

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Dec 5, 2014: To explain, in the world of MSL, Magic is a fundamental force that has largely been codified into general principles, like magnetism. It is manipulated by skilled humans with training, but also by machines, and while there is an art to it’s use, it is a technology. It is treated as such in much the way hard sci fi would use a piece of technology as story backdrop, which gives an interesting cross between the standard forms of SF and Fantasy. (Specifically, a cross that mainstream publishing has always said [more . . .]

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