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Void by Ridtom

Fighting for something you don't believe in. 

Year 2555. A “Gifted” young man, Alex White returns to his home colony of New Triton in search of finding some measure of peace and meaning to his existence. His reputation proceeds him however, further casting him into the chaos of being “Gifted” and all the trouble that it entails. As he struggles to fight for something he doesn’t believe in, Alex learns that there are even worse things that exist within the Void.

It should be warned that the story is slightly dark but also has it’s moments of reprieve.

Note: Void is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: Nov 24, 2014


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A Great Serial That I Can’t Recommend

By Billy Higgins Peery, author of A Bad Idea

Nov 28, 2014: Void has a lot going for it.

One, it’s got a good sense of humor. The first chapter starts with Alex traveling through space in a craft that is remarkably reminiscent of the economy class in modern-day airplanes. He gets stuck next to a person he doesn’t really want to talk to, the stewardess gets annoyed with him, etc. It’s all good fun, in a way that probably doesn’t come across when summarized.

Two, it just feels really relevant right now. This is far from the place to talk about politics, but in this serial the police are brutal, the "Gifted" (called "Sub-human" by normal people) are second-class citizens, and Alex is just trying to figure out how to get by in a world that doesn’t treat him fairly.

Three, the narrator is very Wildbow-esque. The whole world is against him, and even though he has the power to stop them, he knows he shouldn’t. This interplay—between his nigh-invulnerable power and his incredibly vulnerable social status—is a great set-up. It’s one that could lead to so much delicious struggle.

Unfortunately, Void has one big problem: the author stopped posting after November 7th. Given that there are supposed to be weekly updates, and given that there are only three posts so far, I’m doubtful Void will continue.

Which is a shame, because this serial had a lot of potential. Still, I’ll try to check it again in a couple weeks. If the author starts posting again, I’m in.

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