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Special People by Tim Sevenhuysen

Special people have special problems.

Special People is a fiction project about people with special and unusual powers and abilities. But don’t call them superheroes! The stories are action-oriented and humourous, but definitely not what you’d expect from your average “superhero fiction.” From a human cell phone to a man who can conjure bacon out of thin air, these are unique, interesting characters, special . . .

A partial series, with no recent updates.
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Et Alia by Eren Reverie

Aliens, Ninjas, Demons and Pie...

Ean is just a normal guy, recently graduated from college, dealing with normal issues. That is, if it’s normal to have to deal with secret agents, criminal syndicates, demons, alien invasions, ninja assassins, beautiful hackers, super soldiers, holding down a day job and some petty gang violence. Fortunately, Ean can count on his friends to help him when the . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekdays.
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Pseudofunk by Red McCloud

The year was 2075. The USA had fallen decades ago. Aliens came to Earth in 1912. Humans are the minority. The place, the Milky Way. Full of colonies, each one lusting for freedom from the Gilded States of the Stars. One big ticking time bomb. The person, Kolt Saudwell, probably the least qualified for the tasks laid upon . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes monthly.
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Wish Fulfilment by Gregory Taylor

Two investigators, one problem...uncountable wishes.

The Epsilon Project has determined that an evil object is granting wishes – on a fantasy world. Two people who function well without technology are sent to investigate. Can they get along with each other? Will they find the object, and is it really evil? Also, seriously, who runs this Project?? . . .

A complete series.
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Solid story

By Joseph Kranak, member

Feb 25, 2012: Special people is about a world populated by people with special powers that aren’t really all that special. The superheroes have more mundane super powers, like being able to create bacon out of thin air and create neon lights. And Sevenhuysen spins a interweaving set of story arcs involving these characters and their dramas.

The writing is solid: good characterization, strong story, attention to detail. And Sevenhuysen gets you interested in the characters from the get go. I think this is [more . . .]

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