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The Descendants by Landon "Vaal" Porter

A Comic Book Universe . . . without the pictures.

The Descendants is web serial styling itself after a comic book universe, right down to a format that included minis, annuals and one shot stories. The central plot follows the lives of a group of superpowered individuals (psionics) as they attempt to live together following a betrayal by the organization supposedly meant to protect them. Interpersonal relationships take as . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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Very long, and very good.

By Underwhelming Force, author of Sins of the Fathers

Mar 6, 2014: Unlike some people, I enjoy archive panic. Having a large volume to read through means I’ll be able to stave off boredom for longer. When I found the Decendants, it was a godsend. It has the single largest archives of any serial I’ve seen to date, complete with side stories to tide you over when you get caught up. More than that, the story is actually quite good.

The format is different from a lot of other serials- it’s not styled [more . . .]

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