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Magic From The Ground Up

By hhhhhaaaa, member

Nov 10, 2018: This wonderful tale has been enjoyable to read. The numerous amount of well-built characters and their perspectives, the setting and seeing magic growing from the ground up, and the writing itself all add into the mixing pot of awesome that is The Last Science. Seeing the politics of a secret society, built upon the founding of magic, is a sight to see, as persons do what they think is best for themselves and this society.

I believe the origination of magic within The Last Science is a fresh and unique idea, and I fully endorse it. I would go further into it, but I personally believe it is something better experienced first hand.

The characters themselves are plentiful, and each have been complexly written, seeing Rachel’s transformation into a leader, seeing Alden discovering this town and it’s inhabitants develop an entire community without those not "Awakened" knowing. I myself quite enjoy seeing each person’s perspective on the goings on about the story.

Rallsburg and the setting in which this fiction takes place is another great facet. The business within with their own sense of busy-ness, the forest that lingers nearby, enticing the Awakened to practice there, and the streets themselves, which act as a nice background to the stories that are told between the residents, are all major players that work incredibly well together.

Etzoli’s writing itself is bountiful and keeps one wanting to to continue on, which is wonderful as there is quite a bit to read! As I previously stated, the perspective style storytelling really helps us to understand each character’s thoughts and wants, and helps propel the story forward exactly where the author wishes it to go.

To summarize, I believe the Last Science is quite an amazing fiction, and I believe that, if you find the time, you should read every wonderful word.

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