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Yar, here be comedy more riveting than the titular creatures!

By Joker, author of Mavericks

Jan 31, 2019: The first thing I should note about Trilobite Park is the formatting. It’s not the easiest read due to the navigation of the site being a little wonky, and there are enough grammar errors that BGHilton should go back and proofread.

The story itself has a very esoteric idea behind it but the writing is very simple and streamlined. Descriptions are crisp and give us just the right amount of information. Infodumps are non-existent, with Hilton expecting you to have read the prior two stories to understand some of the sillier aspects of the world. His blurb about this not being necessary, though, is accurate. Just buy into the absurdity of the setting and you’re good.

What stood out most to be is Hilton’s masterful understanding of comedic timing. He’s constantly lobbing out balls only to hit home runs a few lines later. The best comparison I can think of is Futurama, darkly satirical but not spiteful about it. Characters are exaggerated but not mean or unlikable.

There’s not much to say about the plot so far. It’s nothing outstanding and doesn’t really make any commentary. It just exists to further the punchlines, at least so far, and that’s fine. This is a light story in both theme and content.

The characters are all interesting enough and the dialogue is fantastic, but the narrative voice is too similar. I think this is because we don’t get enough time with any particular character for one to develop, which is unfortunate.

I’d recommend this to anyone who wants a quick laugh and will put up with the formatting.

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