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Bridger by Geralyn Wichers

A Dystopian Serial

GLOBAL WAR HAS BLED EARTH, AND CHAR, ALMOST DRY. Charlane “Char” Lee Thompson has sacrificed her health and her marriage to climb the ranks of the American Federation army. When a training accident wipes out her unit, Char is embroiled in a military scandal that leaves her career and health in shambles. Char leaves the army for private security . . .

A serialized novel, updating thrice weekly.
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Barghest by Susan Amund

Earth has had a bloody, disastrous first contact with an alien species, and humanity barely managed to survive their victory over the invaders. The planet had been struggling: wars, famine, environmental and industrial disasters, and achievements in science that came faster than morality could catch up. After the repulsion, advanced alien technology was reverse engineered to allow a massive leap . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Earth Warriors by Luis Jose Petrizzo Rengel

The fate of the known universe, lies within the deeds of a few unknown

It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolution and now are determined to “awake” everyone to let them know how peace made them “weak”. Planet Earth took one of the worst hits from their onslaught, . . .

A serialized novel.
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Rubicon by e.m. deyoung

When a small group of Humans flees the Kronos Confederacy, and Human controlled space, they end up on the other side of the galaxy, and into a civil war of their own. As the Human Diaspora strives to find it’s place among new races and new politics, it becomes clear that their place in the galaxy is far from assured. . . .

An abandoned novel.
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Fetch! Play dead! Genocide!

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Jul 26, 2016: I’ve just caught up with the full 25 chapters of Barghest. This includes everything you could hope for from a military/space opera story including conniving politicians, a dystopian political system right out of starship troopers, evil aliens threatening all of humanity and heroic deeds by smarter-than-average grunts. It also has genetically engineered super soldiers, of both human and essentially anthropoid wolf (the Barghest of the title) varieties.

I love how alien the aliens are. The descriptions of them do a lot [more . . .]

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