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Shimmer by Miranda Sparks

Not your average hero...

To friends and family there is nothing remarkable about Justin Cade. Seeing only an awkward, sometimes isolated high school sophomore they would never suspect that he lives a double life as Milestone City’s protector: the holographic heroine known as Glimmer Girl. Juggling school, superherodom and his own skewed sense of self Justin starts down the road of transition into . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes sporadically.
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Random Editorial Review

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Reading Comic Books — Pow, Bam, Zap!

By Morgan O'Friel, editor

Sep 5, 2008: Shimmer rocks my socks. It has an action-packed plot, interesting characters, and a wealth of superhero lore to support its storylines. Reading through, it’s almost as though I’m viewing one of my favorite comic books—it reads beautifully.

Shimmer also handles some difficult issues, including identity, secrets, family, and gender construction. They’re not just thrown around for the shock factor, but are actually examined in a well-integrated fashion.

The only thing I wasn’t [more . . .]

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By GreenGlass, member

Aug 10, 2009: I enjoyed a lot of the initial chapters in this story, but it lost me after one too many plot twists and alternate dimensions. Although part of me is a bit curious as to what happens and I have grown to care about the main character, I currently can’t find enough motivation to follow this complex universe.

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