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A Fast Paced Deep Space Adventure

By Team Contract, member

Aug 2, 2016: Far Flung is a series that really lives up to its title. Without giving too much away, the central plot revolves around a starship which ends up very far off course and the crew is left to contend with survival in deep space and encounters with aliens, both friendly and otherwise.

The start can be a bit unusual for some as the story is told in a unique narrative. Segments are revealed through log data and other forms of recording devices. It may sound odd, but the crisp and clean writing pulls it off. Because there can be large time gaps in between these updates and installments, the pacing can be very rapid. There were also segments where a single even is recorded from two separate points of views to tell all angles of the story.

All this combines to tell a very good tale of a starship in peril. There is enough tension in the action scenes to give a real sense of danger and also enough mystery to keep the story interesting.

The only flaw, if it is indeed one, is that the POV was a bit confusing at times and it wasn’t always clear who the ‘I’ was in the first person. This never really interfered with the telling of the story however as what was happening on stage was always pretty clear. This perhaps comes to my second point in that the characterization was not that deep due to the narrative style as the ‘camera’ was constantly jumping from person to person. I still got a decent sense of people but not a deep connection, but that could evolve after a bit and do take my comment with a grain of salt as I’m perhaps a bit bias to having deeply rich characterization in my stories.

In the end, its not a big deal in this kind of story where the Sci-fi action and technology are key to making a believable world. And Far Flung hits those notes quite well.

If you are a fan of space opera, this one is definitely worth checking out.

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