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Made Me Cry

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Sep 21, 2014: This story had real potential. Sadly, it was originally posted in 2012 and there’s only a half dozen or so entries. That said, hopefully the author will notice this review and post the rest of it which he secretly wrote but never put on his site.

The thieves’ demise is a list of fabulous treasures around the world. Each one is unique in that it has never been stolen. A high end thief and his crew are challenged to steal them. They recruit the best in the business to help them for the sake of adventure.

The story’s one weakness is that motivation seems shallow. No one is involved for any reason other than the thrill of stealing the unstealable. I found myself doubtful that professionals would really be so eager to attempt something famous for destroying people like themselves. That aside, it reads like a classic heist movie with a few fantasy twists.

If it hadn’t been dropped, I would have really like to read more of this.

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