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Terra Defence: The Foxtrot 238 Dispatches by Martin Paredes


The year is 2114 and Lt. Mario Kelly is 4.3 light years away from home, the farthest any human has ever travelled. In fact, Mario is the first human being to have left Earth’s solar system. Fifteen years earlier, Earth had launched its first space probe using the Alcubierre faster-than-light engine to explore Earth’s neighboring solar system. Upon reaching the Alpha Centauri system, the probe suddenly stopped sending telemetry. The last garbled transmission seemed to indicate several previously undiscovered planets orbiting Alpha Centauri B, the second sun in the nearby solar system.

In 2102, three years after Proteus was lost, Earth was attacked with three nuclear weapons of unknown origin. The United States, North Eastern Europe and China were devastated by the attacks. After the catastrophic strikes, the remnants of the United States government stopped short of launching a retaliatory strike against China once the US government accepted the conclusions from the United Nations General Assembly that had determined that the attack could not have been launched from Earth.

By 2110, the United Nations had conclusively established that the attacks came from the Alpha Centauri system, although it could not determine who, or why they attacked. In preparation, Terra Defence first focused on defending Earth by building a fleet of near-earth orbit spacecraft based on the American low-orbit Raptor fighter.

On January 30, 2114, the early-warning system detected an unknown object that suddenly appeared near the lunar orbit on a trajectory towards Earth. Low-orbit Terra Defence Raptors were scrambled in an attempt to intercept and destroy the unknown object. Among them was Terra Defence Raptor Pilot, Lt. Mario Kelly, a 25-year old from the Mexican states. Mario later disappeared along with the object.

Terra Defence is a serialized web science fiction novel about Lt. Mario Kelly, a Terra Defence Raptor IV pilot who crashed into planet Bd, a previously unknown planet in the Alpha Centauri system. Armed only with his survival pack, his personal digital assistant (PDA) and no way to get home, Lt. Kelly continues the fight against unknown aliens that attacked Earth.

Follow Lt. Kelly’s weekly digital dispatches as he tries to discover who attacked Earth and why. Armed with limited technology in an alien world, Mario wonders how long he can survive. Knowing he is stranded almost five light years away, Kelly has promised himself that he will send Earth authorities as much information as he can discover using his digital assistant, his sketchpad and his camera, until his ultimate demise.

Note: Terra Defence: The Foxtrot 238 Dispatches is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An abandoned series

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Listed: Mar 18, 2014


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