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Shimmer by Miranda Sparks

Not your average hero... 

To friends and family there is nothing remarkable about Justin Cade. Seeing only an awkward, sometimes isolated high school sophomore they would never suspect that he lives a double life as Milestone City’s protector: the holographic heroine known as Glimmer Girl.

Juggling school, superherodom and his own skewed sense of self Justin starts down the road of transition into Kaira. Though the path isn’t easy and is fraught with peril, both as a hero as a mere mortal.

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Reading Comic Books — Pow, Bam, Zap!

By Morgan O'Friel, editor

Sep 5, 2008: Shimmer rocks my socks. It has an action-packed plot, interesting characters, and a wealth of superhero lore to support its storylines. Reading through, it’s almost as though I’m viewing one of my favorite comic books—it reads beautifully.

Shimmer also handles some difficult issues, including identity, secrets, family, and gender construction. They’re not just thrown around for the shock factor, but are actually examined in a well-integrated fashion.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on, when reading Shimmer, was that it has a tendency to skip around in the timeline. The skips aren’t always well-integrated, and left me going, "huh" a lot of the time. However, the skips are always explained, and everything levels out eventually.

Shimmer is a must-read for superhero fiction fans. ^^

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All That Shimmers…

By Stormy, editor, author of Require: Cookie

Jul 23, 2008: A book called "Soon I Will be Invincible" helped give superhero fiction a shot in the arm – it started a new genre of superhero books. Original superhero stories, not novelisations of the already famous heroes who have sunk into the public consciousness.

Stories that involve the super, the not-so-super, those struggling with their powers or embracing it, those "blessed with suck" or just given a power that is easy to keep under wraps.

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Enjoyed this; wanted to enjoy it more

By D. D. Webb, author of The Gods are Bastards

May 27, 2015: The concept of Shimmer is irresistibly cool; a teenage transgender superheroine coming to grips with her own identity at the same time as the great power/great responsibility dynamic that characterizes the genre. The story certainly lives up to that promise: it has cool in abundance, all the cool a comic book fan could ask. Unfortunately, it seemed to me that cool was all there was to it, covering a lack of substance. Considering the comic antecedents of the genre, that may or may not be a problem for readers.

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By Asmora, member

Feb 4, 2013: Shimmer is unabashedly a transgender story. The author goes out of her way to tug at the heartstrings, throwing one challenge after another at the struggling main character as she tries to cope with school, parents, relationships, and supervillains. Virtually every chapter involves twisting the knife a little harder and/or the main character overcoming some of her problems. If you or someone you love is trans, it can be a tough read at some points.

The superhero aspects of the book [more . . .]

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By GreenGlass, member

Aug 10, 2009: I enjoyed a lot of the initial chapters in this story, but it lost me after one too many plot twists and alternate dimensions. Although part of me is a bit curious as to what happens and I have grown to care about the main character, I currently can’t find enough motivation to follow this complex universe.

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