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Simon of Space by Cheeseburger Brown

Simon Fell has awakened at a foreign star with no memory of his former life. He stands to inherit the legacy of a self he has never known. In a complex and frightening world of pioneer planets, clashing cultures and esoteric robots, one lost man will face a battery of tribulations, from his ignorance of basic customs to his entanglement . . .

A complete novel.
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A series of Fortuitous Circumstances

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Mar 29, 2010: Simon of Space is an engaging story. It has a strong narrative voice that draws you in and leads you along. The writer certainly has talent.

However, the story itself may not be the best display of that talent. It starts with one of the over-used cliches, the main character with amnesia. Other characters in the story even mock the narrator for his situation, which "only happens in the movies."

The first [more . . .]

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