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Old School Style Science Fantasy

By JohnCalliganWrites, author of Wayfaring Princess

May 1, 2019: FYI I’m a short review person, and I prefer to talk about craft instead of spoilers.

I recommend this one. It’s a solid science fantasy with a fresh take on common fantasy tropes. I knocked off half a star because the prose creates more distance between the reader and the experience than I like, but the narrator is good, the world building is 100%, it’s wholly readable, and I had an emotional reaction to the end of the prologue (which should not be skipped. It’s not an info dump. It could have been called Chapter 1).

The POV characters come out doing interesting things and have a history. The style is pretty old school. There is a long conversation in the prologue that delivers exposition, but its well crafted and not boring because there is some real tension between the characters.

Anyway, worth a read. Enjoy

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