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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 7, 2013: I enjoyed reading the first chapters of Crowdog: Snowbound, a story which begins by dropping you into the middle of a fight scene with the protagonist, police officer Leo Crowdog, battling a thug with a knife. The author has a fine talent for writing action-related scenes, which seem to be much of what the story is made up of so far. The story is relayed in an interesting sparse prose, which almost seems to comment on the rough world we’ve entered into, and the protagonist himself. It works well here and I found it a solid reading experience overall.

However, while I salute the author for being willing to place the protagonist in immediate and real peril, I hope the thrill ride evens out as the chapters mount, because otherwise I doubt the main character will survive for long (please keep in mind that at this point, only four chapters have been published, so that’s what I’m basing this review on). As far as things I think could be improved, I’d suggest that the author employ another set of eyes to look the chapters over before publishing them. The typos are occasional enough not to be disturbing, but the more frequent odd tense or person changes were what threw me off while reading.

At any rate, I would recommend this story to those who like mysteries, especially those who like police or hard-boiled types of mysteries, since this is a solid entry into that genre.

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