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Manga with Pictures

By April.Raines, member

Jun 3, 2009: ‘It’s All Relative’ is like magna, but without pictures (though you can find pictures of the majority of characters on the site).

I don’t read manga, and I don’t really think I’m the target audience for this story, so please take my review with that grain of salt.

The story concept is interesting: shapeshifting magical creatures who’ve bred together so that now their appearances and abilities are complex. These creatures and the more human inhabitants of their world(s) are being set against each other due to attacks. The main characters, students at a college, organize a protest against the response to these attacks and trouble ensues.

The problem is there are so many characters and such a complex world that things seem only partially fleshed out. There seems to be a lack of depth – to the characters, the world, and in the grammar and sentence structure. Things improve about two-thirds of the way through, though, to a 3.5 star level, so this writer definitely has promise.

Overall, I say if you are an older teen or early twenties, or like stuff aimed at that age group – like manga, anime, or ‘Twilight’ – you’d probably like this story.

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