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Animal Eared College Students!

By Tahjir, member

Feb 12, 2009: “It’s All Relative” is a serial novel about a group of college students in a magical world. While that could be used to describe quite a large collection of online novels, I think that this one is unique, and in a good way.

While the setting is certainly magically based, it’s grounded in a sort-of-reality, in that much of what happens is quite believable, and the characters still act like real people, even when they have funny ears.

And, speaking of characters, there are a lot of them. So many, in fact, that the first few chapters are a blur of the many character’s names, personalities, and physical appearances. While it does take a bit of time to get everyone sorted out, each and every character is unique and rounded out, and you’re not likely to mix them up.

The background seems very well thought out, and there looks to be a great deal of mythology present in this story. There are curses, shapeshifters, and all kinds of creatures. Some are better explained than others.

Also, I have to admit I was expecting something distinctly Harry Potter-ish, but the plot only has the most basic of similarities.

In just the first few chapters, the plot takes off with a curse and a curfew, and hints at a group of outcasts feared by everyone else.

Anyway, due to the feel of the writing and the character styles, I’d recommend this to anyone who’s a big fan of anime. Even if you’re not a fan, the story is well written and different enough to warrant a try.

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