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A female James Bond goes Bladerunner

By Sten Düring, author of Frays in the Weave

May 15, 2015: First of all I have to say I’m stunned that no one here has reviewed this four year old web novel.

It all starts out as a female James Bond (Lorelei) in the world Bladerunner would have been set in had the film been made today. Include a fifties hard boiled voice over and you have the feeling.

After the story reveals itself to be the typical intro for a James Bond movie a real story about revenge picks up. From here the novel turns into a more normal technothriller.

Two first person POV:s came off as a bit jarring for me, but the hardest part to accept was that the story abruptly terminated halfway through chapter nineteen—and restarts at chapter twenty four just to reach its end shortly after.

And it was hard to accept, because it’s a good read. I’m not usually a fan of technothrillers because of my professional background in IT. But here the handwaving is done well enough that the technically obsessed can gloss over most over the improbabilities.

The cast is small (at least for the sixteen and a half chapters plus one I have read). You have the main character and narrator Lorelei as well as a central supporting character Vexx (also told in FP POV). A third important character is introduced later, and apart from that there are a few people nosing around in the outskirts of the story.

Lorelei develops as a character during the run of the story, but the exciting part of her change doesn’t really take off until chapter nineteen, when BAM the, literally, big hole arrives.

Oh, did I forget to tell you—you get to watch music. Lorelei is obsessed with music, and whenever she reflects on a specific piece it comes with a Youtube link for your pleasure.

But for the missing chapters I’d have given it a full score. The half star I detracted is for the better part of five chapters lacking.

The story is novel-length, and there is a sequel of equal length, but I haven’t read that yet.

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