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Vampires in the desert

By Lee Carlon, member

Sep 23, 2015: The author describes the story as Mad Max with vampires and that impression rings true right from the first episode. I suspect this story will appeal to fans of both the road warrior and creatures of the night. There’s also a sense of I am Legend (the book not the movie, which is also quoted as inspiration by the author) in the narrative as attempts are made to explain the condition.

The story moves along at a good pace with action, description and dialogue present in equal and complimentary amounts. The author does a good job of teasing the reader along; “ . . . we have other enemies that can think . . . ”.

There are good dynamics between the on screen characters, which keeps things interesting. I was left with a strong sense that these people are tied to each other and in normal circumstances might say a polite hello at family BBQs, but would avoid further contact.

What could be improved?

I didn’t spot any typos, but there were occasions (more so early on) where I thought the author could have spent a bit more time on word choice. During the introduction of the story where we meet James, the mechanic, a slender figure cloaked in black rags, I thought there were two characters at first, but each description referred to the same person. I figured it out quickly and it didn’t detract from the story.

The site design is good, and the text easy to read on both my desktop and phone. I’m only two episodes in, but I intend to keep reading and will likely provide an update in the future.

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