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Richly Developed Story’verse & Supporting Characters

By Tangerine Haze, member

Mar 16, 2011: I highly recommend this series. It has a well thought out, highly original story’verse. The series already has two complete books with enough side-stories to make another. The third book is due to be released in installments soon.

BACKGROUND: The Cold War never ended, the nuclear arms race continued, and major cities across the world were nuked before an uneasy truce was formed. The three major super-powers were the US, Western Europe, and Russia & China. In the aftermath of WW III splinter groups and radical terrorist organizations struggle to take control. The Agency exist to keep the power in the hands of the US.

The main characters, Boyd and Sin, have been scared by violence and tragedy. Boyd simply exists. He goes through life numb and detached from the world around him. Sin was recruited as one of the Agency’s top agents when he was 14. He uses sarcasm as a shield. He’s quick to anger. His flashes of rage combined with his deadly skills have earned him the nickname "Monster." The Agency has decided to partner these two. All that’s left is to watch the sparks fly and duck for cover!

The story is slow to develop, but the background is essential to understanding the way the main characters interact with each other. Stick with it. This phenomenal story is well worth it.

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