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surprisingly good story

By Mizura1, member

Aug 5, 2016: Overall, this is a surprisingly good story. A lot of research has obviously gone into the politics, weaponry and social conducts of different times, and a decent amount of thought into societal aspects and how the presence of magic would affect warfare and its technological development. On the downside, the story gets technical and pretty confusing to read (though part of the blame I guess lies in the fact that I approached it as a light novel at first, so didn’t properly sit down to figure out what’s what), with lots of characters and lots of military formations. The lack of illustrations (of characters I mean) also makes this quite hard to visualize.

Also, this story portrays religion in a quite . . . serious manner. It neither caricatures it as the ‘all that is good and light’, nor into ‘that corrupt bunch of nonsense to be taken down’ that is prevailing among light novels. Instead, the characters within the story truly believe in their religions, and although there are obviously many issues with the religious authority, the story interestingly enough doesn’t outright state whether the ultimate God exists or not, leaving an uncertainty much like the real world, which I find great.

Finally, this is a genderbend story actually goes into detail regarding the MC’s transformation into a girl, instead of just treating it as a gimmick or running joke. It’s also nice that the MC is not the OP center of attention: the other characters are quite competent enough to run their own armies, and even when she brings ideas thanks to her historical knowledge of her own world, implementation is left to others, which makes a lot of sense since there’s no way she could deal with all the fine logistics involved in another world. Her plans rarely go so smoothly, either, in the fast-changing environment of a battlefield. Finally, the choice of a Japanese/Russian mixed-blood is a surprisingly interesting one. Usually, when one goes for Western characters, they systematically go for European or U.S.-type characters. However Russia’s turbulent recent history makes for a unique perspective.

Pascal is also a pleasant surprise, as after he gets over the initial douchebaggery, he proves himself to be a surprisingly decent and responsible human being.

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