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Jumping Rings by Lyn Thorne-Alder

They're willing to kneel in order to climb.

In the world of the Circled Plain, most of humanity lives within walled cities, protected from the monsters outside. The cities’ walls are nested, circle within circle within circle, and the richest and most powerful live the deepest in the city. They call the social and economic climb from the outer rings towards the inner the Ladder. The . . .

A partial series, with no recent updates.
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Ars Harmonia by Project BC

Human beings are transient creatures. The impermanence of life is tightly interwoven into society—the young are taught by the old so that they, in turn, can teach the next generation when the old has passed on. People are raised in a transient world. Everything eventually breaks down. Plants wither, mountains erode, and eventually the planet itself will come to . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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GOTA – God Of The Arts by OmegaAlphaTau

The plagued young noble of the Aurum bloodline is tossed into the politics of his homeland. What starts as a path to revenge grows ever brighter, ever vivid into a path to the peak. Through time and Fate’s interweaving fingers he experiences all life has to offer as he reaches for beyond the skies, the enigma known as life unraveling . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes daily.
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Rigel: The Savage World by GSD Reddy

A Journey in the world of Immortals, Supernatural beasts, Taoist cultivators, Gods and Devils.

Our lives depend on our dreams. We live for them, we depend on them and when they shatter, they shatter our spirits. Love is a dream and the most important of all. When it shatters, it shatters more than just our spirit. It shatters our souls. Born a slave, Rigel still dared to dream of love. Stripped of his . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes twice weekly.
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Stonward’s Tales by stonward

"Fate makes roads, but will makes travel."

In a world where creation myths are true, where mountains are sleeping behemoths, and prayers are rationed to avoid the scorn of irritable gods, a traveler named Davi wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. In this land of endless possibility, he tries his best to navigate away from the strange and epic in favor of a little . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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The Nameless Man by Geemantle

The journeys of a nearly immortal man

In the nameless man serial written by Riley Gee (Geemantle), there is a mysterious force understood by few that enables people to steal life energy (in years of remaining life) from those they kill. The story follows “the nameless man”, so called because he has lived so many lifetimes he can’t remember his original name. The story started as . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly.
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Drezo Regalia by Jane Christian

Yami Hikari company had created a new game gear called the Embyro that are split into two different gears: the first is the deep dive gear called ‘Sense’ and the second is high tech glasses called ‘Alive.’ One is made to transport the players mind to a virtual world, while the other is the next generation new technology that incorporates . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly.
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The War of the Vessel by Adam Fox

Long, long before the Unholy Grail arrived on Earth, it roamed the universe, causing chaos and destruction where it went. These are the stories of the heroes and fools who who dared cross its path.

The Unholy Grail travels to meet its receptive host, while in its wake two sides fight to ensure its destruction or the fulfillment of its destiny. A cyborg and a martyr encourage rally others to do good; a fallen hero and a witch propel the forces of evil; and in the middle a young girl, with an unsure past and . . .

A growing collection of stories, updated sporadically.
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The Known Sword by Chad Battleheart

Welcome listeners and listen well, for the story I am about tell, is one to kill for . . .  Finn is a lost soul, a once abandoned boy who is now a young man with no direction or purpose. He lives in a city with no name, for no one has yet controlled it long enough for a name to stick. . . .

A partial series, with no recent updates.
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Dystopian Magic

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Apr 24, 2016: One of the things I liked about Jumping Rings is that you’re jumping into the deep end right away with the story. As readers, we follow the parallel stories of Taslin, a young woman who chooses to become a gladiator, and Valran, a young man who chooses to become a slave, both in order to climb in their position in society into the inner rings of their civilization, which ensures safety against everything that’s being walled out.

I really liked the [more . . .]

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Starting to Climb

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Oct 24, 2014: Jumping Rings is a little hard to describe. The title comes from the setting. A very class heavy, almost caste-like, fantasy world. A city is divided into 10 "rings" with the innermost being the wealthiest and the outer most being the poorest. There are a few terms that are hard to follow at first. Most of these deal with gender, (male female or neutral) but it’s not completely clear whether that’s down to a physical difference or a difference in identity.

[more . . .]

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