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Fantastic Story, Great Characters!

By Aurelio, member

Jun 24, 2009: I found Legion of Nothing a few months ago and blew through the backlog in under a week. It was so engaging I had to stop myself from staying up late to reading the entire thing in one night. I look forward to the biweekly updates and can firmly plant this as my favorite online serial. It’s nice to have adult themes and relationships addressed without allowing them to monopolize the story. The action sequences are perfectly written, the character development is well paced, and every chapter leaves you wanting to hear more.

Even the characters I end up not liking are executed flawlessly and with a strong eye to keeping their flaws realistic and believable. None of them are pure evil or angelic crusaders. They all have things they struggle with to a lesser or greater extent, and that makes them much more interesting to read about.

With regards to the conversation and the actual character interactions, they’re some of the most clever and intelligent spots of dialogue I’ve ever seen on a web serial. They convey emotions and excitement in a way usually reserved for the best of the audio/visual medium. The pace is perfect, the lines are well thought out and the personality of the individual character is maintained despite the use of ‘snippets’ instead of whole sentences. And with regards to the snippets, they’re used intelligently and appropriately, like when a character doesn’t have time to give a monologue because he or she is in the middle of a fight. Or when he or she is emotionally tied up with the repercussions of a recent event.

I can’t recommend this story enough, and despite not reaping any monetary rewards for his work, Jim always delivers literature of the highest caliber. Hopefully he’ll get a link set up soon for donations, as I would willingly give to a writer this good in hopes that eventually he finds an illustrator capable of matching his brilliant use of the written word.

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