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I promised myself I’d write a review eventually!

By Miranda Sparks, author of Shimmer

Nov 2, 2008: I tell people I’m a writer because I can’t read, thus I find myself guilty of the sin of hoping for reviews when I don’t often review myself.

One of the few series I find myself able to follow without prompting is ‘The Legion of Nothing’, which, in my glaring opinion, is an affectionate homage to great classic hero teams. To me there’s nothing richer than a good team book: adventure, gathering forces and looking out for one another, it encompasses everything heartwarming and good about the genre.

If there were any direct comparison to mainstream comics on the market I would say that Legion of Nothing reads less like ‘Teen Titans’ and more like ‘JSA: the Next Generation.’ This is so because instead of having a group made up of sidekicks and heroes in training you have a group of young people who are already stepping into the boots of legends.

All the while the serial manages to maintain a fun, bouncy vibe as childhood friendships are forged into comradery.

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