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A real gem of a story

By Eldoran, member

Jan 8, 2010: Well to an extend this is a typical chosen one story, except in this case the "one" is a whole town with its inhabitants. And I mean the chosen one pretty literally, as they are chosen by a deity and taken there to fulfill a specific purpose, their destiny.

And it is quite well told, and quite funny when in the course of the story thousand of years old prophesies become true around the protagonists who pretty much only want to survive, preferably unharmed. Even when the prophesies are revealed before the event it is usually impossible to tell how this will work out, or at least how it will work in the favor of the protagonists.

The writing style is really good, no obvious plot holes or strange character behavior. Definitely far above the average fantasy book. This is the first book of a series though, so there is no real end , only the resolution of the first major conflict. The story continues in Liar’s Law, which is as far as I know on hiatus and on hold for a rewrite (and it seems to be inaccessible right now)..

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