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Serial Fiction by Kathleen Maher

serial fiction, "James Bond & the Girls of Woodstock"

The story is about an actor who plays James Bond in a (fictional) reboot and his relationship with the sixteen-year-old local girl, Brooke Logan. One summer works as a nanny for his two small children. The next summer, he signs on as James Bond even though he and his exiled wife are divorced. Consequently, Brooke’s mother will serve as the . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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Philly Gayborhood by rd1982

Share the lives and loves of Riley and his friends, as told through the eyes of their gal pal Ellie. Each self-contained episode follows the friends as they go through the highs and lows of romance and dating. At the center of it all is Riley and his journey as he wonders what ever happened to that great love that . . .

A series.
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Bold Traveler by Scott Salsman

Employees of a New York-based travel magazine enjoy life on the move and in the big city. Bold Traveler takes readers around the world as relationships develop and college grads find their true calling. Updated paragraph-by-paragraph every weekday. . . .

A complete series.
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Emerald Heights by Terry McGinn

serial drama webfiction webserial

Once a shipping and rail mecca, this little big city has seen itself reinvented time and again. Located on the shore of the Massachusetts coast, Emerald Heights is in the midst of a boom. The Story of Emerald Heights tells the tale of struggle between legacy and power, loyalty and opportunity; of families united, families divided, conquered and rejoined. . . .

An abandoned series.
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Philly Drama

By Savannah, member

Oct 15, 2011: If you are a fan – even the slightest fan – of drama, gossip, or soap operas, this is a read for you. It will keep you reading and reading. It kept me. The story is about a group of friends in Philly, told by the only female in their close-knit group. It features the narrator, who is not actually telling her own story, but rather the story of her best friend and his long time ‘first love’. It is both dramatic and sweet. Each character is a whole other [more . . .]

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