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Emerald Heights by Terry McGinn

serial drama webfiction webserial 

Once a shipping and rail mecca, this little big city has seen itself reinvented time and again. Located on the shore of the Massachusetts coast, Emerald Heights is in the midst of a boom.

The Story of Emerald Heights tells the tale of struggle between legacy and power, loyalty and opportunity; of families united, families divided, conquered and rejoined.

There are the Waterfords who have existed in Emerald Heights since its founding, there are the Jordans who are slowly gaining control; the great Stanley dynasty that is proud but crumbling and the Price family legacy that is just beginning.

Emerald Heights is a dramatic web serial set in the current day. Take a look around, meet our characters and check out their story.

New segments are posted every Monday and Wednesday.

Note: Emerald Heights is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains some harsh language.

An abandoned series

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Listed: Feb 27, 2011


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Editor’s First Impression

By Linda Schoales, editor

Feb 27, 2011: The first chapter of this web soap introduces one of the wealthy, powerful families and their beautiful daughters. The occasion is an engagement party where everyone-who-is-anyone can gawk over the bride-to-be’s huge diamond.

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