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An exiting, heartwarming and action packed tale.

By Jerden, member

Jul 12, 2013: I love this story. It’s a very nice story to read. The premise is a group of young superheroes with a variety of powers who start in their grandparents’ shadow but then gradually move out of it as they prove themselves to be heroes in their own right. It’s written in first person from the perspective of Nick, aka The Rocket, power armour clad super-genius. He’s reluctant at first, but offers a voice of reason to the rest of the group, and his access to power armour and genius intellect are a very interesting "superpower". While powerful, his time to tinker and repair are often limited, so while he can take on powerful foes and win thank’s to clever teamwork and gadgets, the story can get very tense when Nick’s time is limited and his armour’s already been smashed up. I’d describe it as a comforting adventure, with lots of comedy and action. That’s not to say it isn’t serious as well. There is evil, and suffering, and struggling, and people do die, and the consequences of superheroes’ and supervillains’ actions are explored, but in The Legion of Nothing good always triumphs in the end. The characters are complex, and their personal interactions are as gripping as the fight scenes. It also looks nicely at the day to day life of a superhero, things like managing family, collage, and costumed life, and the setting has a complex history of its own that is gradually being revealed. So if you want to read a story about the adventures of a likeable and interesting group of young people (the story starts with them in their late teens), I strongly recommend reading the Legion of Nothing. I also recommend commenting, as the fairly small number of people who do so allows fun and friendly discussion.

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