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On the slopes of Krakatoa

By Scintor, author of Taurian Invasion

Feb 6, 2015: This is a very fun superhero tale. The characters are interesting and the story arcs are compelling. The character morality is fully compatible with the late, lamented comic code. I have read all the archives and am looking forward to future installments. Many other reviewers have talked about why this is a good story, and I agree with them. Unfortunately there is one aspect of this story that makes it hard to enjoy: The looming tragedy that is going to kill everyone! This tragedy is in the back story. The reason that there are superpowers is that the most powerful creatures in the universe want to kill everyone because . . . BECAUSE! Apparently ultimate power causes people to become genocidal jerks whose only purpose in life is to wipe out civilizations with a wave of their hands. Because they are too lazy to do this themselves for the most part, they leave caches of technology laying around that give people super powers so that they will destroy themselves instead. Its like watching a wonderful drama set on the slopes of Krakatoa in 1880. No matter how good it is, it’s not fun because you know that everyone is going to be blown to kingdom come by an uncaring volcano in a few years.

Seriously! get rid of the background grimdark elements and this is a great story.

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